Finding your brand position: How Fierro Hotel is standing out in the crowded Buenos Aires design hotel market [Case Study]

Buenos Aires is paradise for design aficionados. Travelers are spoiled by the quality and personality of small hotels opened over the past decade.

If you were opening a new hotel in this market, how would you position it?

That’s the question I’ve been examining with Martin Rosberg, Managing Director and co-founder of Fierro Hotel – a new hotel opening in Buenos Aires this September. Fierro is an Insider’s Circle partner: a very design-focused hotel with all the best amenities. iPads in the lobby and suites. Double-glazed windows to ensure a silent, relaxing environment. The sort of place where you would love to spend a week or two.

Fierro Hotel Marketing - Brand Positioning case study

But we both know having the best product is just the first step. We need to help travelers visualize the guest experience through our communications. So as we prepare for opening, Martin and I have been thinking:

“How can we communicate the Fierro Hotel difference, and separate the property from all the other boutique design hotels in Buenos Aires?”

It may help to have a little background.

The building will include the Hernán Gipponi Restaurante. From HotelChatter

Chef Gipponi, by the way, is a local lad done good, having spent time in Michelin-starred kitchens in Spain before returning home to Argentina. We hear that the restaurant promises to become a local hotspot, but be warned that this does not mean it will be classic meat-haven parilla.

We’d happily eat steak day after day in BA, but if you’re a vegetarian or simply need something other than beef in your diet, you will be pleased to know that Gipponi will be serving up dishes such as Foamy Yogurt with caramelised pumpkin seedsm and Grilled Scallops with bok choy, pineapple and ginger juice, and pine nuts.

Additionally, the hotel’s wine cellar is run by Martin’s brother, Andres Rosberg – president of the Argentine Sommelier Association.

Fierro Hotel Wine

So here we have this beautiful design hotel, paired with some of the best food and wine in the city. Now, the brand position is obvious.

Fierro Hotel is the place to stay for the gourmand visiting Buenos Aires

Or, “The best lifestyle hotel for foodies.” If you’re a bon vivant, you need to be here.

We’re still finalizing the wording, but the difference is clear: If you’re serious about experiencing some of the best food and wine that Buenos Aires has to offer, Fierro Hotel is the logical place to stay. Not only do you have these great options on-site, but you have some world-class experts to recommend other establishments in the city.

The positioning lesson for you

Examine your story to find what position your brand can occupy exclusively in the market. Fierro Hotel has this strong emphasis on food and wine, but you will have something else. Whatever that is, define that…and then repeat it over and over in your communications.

Want to work together on branding for your hotel? That’s just one of the areas we cover in my Insider’s Circle program. See details on the special end-of-season offer available now.

10 thoughts on “Finding your brand position: How Fierro Hotel is standing out in the crowded Buenos Aires design hotel market [Case Study]

  1. I’d a quick look at the website (I’m guessing the new chosen headline/positioning statement will soon make its way to the homepage). Lovely hotel really. Great to see design and trends in other part of the world.

    • Absolutely! The next step in this project is updating all marketing and communication materials – especially the website – the reflect this new focus.

      I know you’re a genius at this, Fabrice – are there any examples or case studies you have on positioning a single hotel like this?

  2. It’s great that the Fierro hotel has found it’s place in a tough Buenos Aires marketplace. This is a perfect example of how your Insider Circle helps hoteliers find their footing.

    I always admire small hotels that manage to financially sustain great restaurants.

    At the Mitaroy Goa Hotel, however, we take a totally different positioning. I chose not to have an in house restaurant but I do have a long list of great restaurants so that my guests can sample a wide variety of local cuisine.

    Probably stems from the fact that while I love to eat good food, I sucked as a chef in hotel school 😉


  3. Hi Josiah, “genius” is certainly not a term I would use for myself. I’m learning everyday and what was true yesterday won’ be tomorrow. I guess we all do. While this post is about the Fierro hotel here is one I was involved with a few years back from concept definition to roll-out. As you very well said in this post, it is all about the story you create.

    One recommendation I would make is to have a follow-up post about 12 months from now about Fierro hotel on how the brand has taken shape, what adjustments had to be made to the brand and what has been the response from guests on the unique positioning of the brand in Bueno Aires. Would you agree?

    • Great idea! I feel *every* case study should be followed up a year later with the results.

      All examples are continually evolving…and stories are rarely finished.

  4. Thank you Mihir and Fabrice for your comments.

    One of the good things about being in a big city and a restaurant area is that you can open a restaurant that is economically sustainable year round and can contribute to communicating the hotel better.

    We are also working on the brand and the webpage to incorporate this message into every page.

    All the best,


  5. Hello All, saw a blurb on Fierro Hotel in a design magazine left for guests at the Hotel Belveder on the Baltic Coast. They mentioned Gipponi`s creations as well. Some good friends live in Buenos Aries so our visit must include partaking in the Fierro`s delights. Glad to see others are finding it a rewarding place.

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