Let a customer write your next ad
September 30

I pass this banner on my way to work each morning, and love how they feature a customer review from Yelp: If the company said “We have the best sandwich downtown!!!” would you believe it? Probably not. If a customer … Continue reading

The future of banner ads

Peter, a hospitality professor in Berlin, asked me this question the other day: I realize this is not your field, but you did suggest that the Twitter policy on advertising might influence advertising in general, and with its requirement of resonance as measured … Continue reading

Remove the risk, make the sale
May 29

In the latest issue of The Economist, you’ll see this ad from The Broadmoor in Colorado: They guarantee “an exceptional meeting or it’s free.” What do you guarantee?

Permission isn’t forever
February 15

Ever since reading Seth Godin’s book (has it been 10 years already?!), Permission Marketing has been the cornerstone of all marketing I’ve tried to do since. Creating an environment where people request information from you sets the stage for them … Continue reading

Meaningful Metrics for Digital Marketing
October 20

To make smart marketing decisions, you need solid information. Of course, this is true in any economic climate, but with a possible slowdown ahead in the travel industry, the stakes are even higher.  All marketing expenditures must be justified by … Continue reading