The year of the practitioner
February 16

This year will be the end of the social media “expert,” and the rise of the practitioner. The professional that gets stuff done. The company that sees technology as only a means to an end – a tool for doing … Continue reading

We are all stock traders now
November 23

David Meerman Scott opens his new book Real Time Marketing & PR with a great story of his early days working on Wall Street. It’s 1985, and I’m on the institutional trading floor of an investment bank in lower Manhattan. … Continue reading

Slides for my presentation at BTO today
November 18

Here’s the slides for the keynote presentation I’m giving at Buy Tourism Online today….I’ll post video soon: Buy Tourism Online 2010 – Josiah Mackenzie presentation View more presentations from josiahmackenzie.

Turn your loyal fans into celebrities
May 31

If you want people to promote you, promote them. Turn the spotlight on your most active supporters. Reward your brand ambassadors with attention. It amazes me how some businesses expect their customers to spend time creating promotional material for them … Continue reading

Social media is never free
May 27

One of the biggest misconceptions about social media is that it’s free. I think in the push for business adoption, it was presented as a free or low-cost promotional option. Not true. Social media will cost you. Time and money. … Continue reading

Brand stewardship
May 24

What we do with digital communications is so much more than experimental marketing. It’s really all about brand stewardship. Stewardship may be defined as “The careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care.” And this is the position … Continue reading

Don’t wait for your website
May 11

“Just let us get our website re-designed, and then we’ll think about social media” I hear that way too often. It’s the wrong way to think. Loic Le Meur and other new media pioneers go so far as to say … Continue reading

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