Best iPad Apps for Hoteliers
July 16

I’ve been playing around with my iPad the past few weeks, and here’s my top 10 apps for hotel people (roughly in order of how frequently I use each): Reeder Reading updates on my favorite blogs in Google Reader via … Continue reading

Using Skype for better service
November 11

Should your hotel use Skype? Many of the articles on ‘Skype for business’ I see talk about the cost savings potential. That’s an insignificant benefit in my mind…and not what I want to discuss today. Instead, I see Skype as … Continue reading

The race to launch mobile applications
April 14

A few weeks ago Choice Hotels became the first major franchise to launch an application allowing guests to book their room from an iPhone. With the integration of GPS capabilities, street-view images and the ability to amend or cancel reservations, … Continue reading

Thoughts on Mobile Marketing for Hotels
November 30

What do your customers want from you?  Specifically, what do they want from you when they’re mobile? That’s the question you need to answer when building a mobile marketing campaign. If they’re interacting with you on their phones, they need … Continue reading

Hotel Sax: Using technology as marketing
August 22

Continuing on yesterday’s idea of using cutting-edge technology as a marketing tactic, reader Fred pointed out Chicago’s Hotel Sax.  In another partnership with Microsoft, they have created an experience for their tech-savvy guests that led the Chicago Tribune to crown … Continue reading

Engaging guests with interactive tables
August 21

Springwise shares how Sheraton Hotels is using technology to turn deserted hotel lobbies into activity planning centers for guests.  Launched last week in Sheraton’s Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Seattle hotels, 30-inch displays using Microsoft’s Surface technology allow … Continue reading