Logo Redesign for Brand Repositioning

With the majority of reservations being made online, a hotel’s look-to-book ratio has some mighty slim margins for making a lasting impression. Within seconds guests form an opinion about a property and how it fits into their lifestyle or the one to which they aspire. It’s essential that a hotel brand’s core DNA can be quickly perceived and is consistent throughout its marketing.

The nexus of a hotel’s identity lies within the messages conveyed by its logo. Strong symbols and fonts evoke instantaneous, emotional responses from their viewers. As hotel brands evolve in response to social, environmental and technological guest preferences, so must their logo in order to ensure it speaks to their target market.

Take a look at the following multi-industry examples that show how revisiting a logo as well as an entire product or webpage can breathe new life into a brand. Holiday Inn’s former insignia conveyed an old-fashioned family environment and really hadn’t changed since today’s parents were children themselves – planting the notion that perhaps the hotel’s facilities hadn’t either. The updated logo is designed to attract modern, casual families and implies a relaxed, welcoming spirit.

An updated visual identity that retains elements of its former logo will reposition a property in the guest’s mind. In such a competitive economy, this shift in focus can be a strategic tool for capturing additional revenue.

What do your hotel’s marketing materials say about your brand image– and is it the message that draws in your target market? Will refreshing your brand’s identity give you an added edge?

One thought on “Logo Redesign for Brand Repositioning

  1. I just noticed how the new Mayflower Mover’s logo has a similar color theme to the Holiday Inn one, then realized that this greening is starting to run rampant. The old 1960’s logo is by far the best and is just perfect for animating in digital media. And retro is hot–unlike so many brands adopting a retro theme, Holiday Inn could do it genuinely. What they have now is just blah. More on green-ification:

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