The White Company

The Dubai Mall is the largest shopping mall in the world. Among its 1,200 stores, you can find pretty much anything from anywhere.  It’s possible to spend all day shopping and only be scratching the surface. (I speak from experience – I’m writing this from a cafe here to rest my feet.)

The choice at this mall is overwhelming. But there’s one store – The White Company – that narrows the selection by selling in one color only.

It doesn’t matter if they find a really cool product in green. It doesn’t matter if the customer wants a widget in blue. Even if yellow is the next big thing, they won’t stock it.

They only sell products colored white.

Limits are essential for building a brand. Constraints make the buying decision easier, and define what you stand for.

Do you clearly state what you offer and who your customer is?

Do you make it clear what you do NOT offer and who your customer is NOT?

Blurring this line in an attempt to add revenue will confuse how people see you among the competition.

One thought on “The White Company

  1. Heyy Josiah,

    Again, lots to think about. I think niches are really important if small businesses are to survive.

    How long will businesses continue to be all things to all people ? Jack of all trades, master of none ?

    Only time will tell !


    P.S. How are the feet doing ? :p

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